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About Mother Goose Christian School


Parental Resposibilities

Information on child to be filed by the first week of enrollment:

  1. Provide necessary information on registration form
  2. Insure that the child's immunizations are kept up-to-date, and provide the immunization information and physician's signature as requested by state regulations on Form #121


  1. Pay tuition in full at the beginning of the year, in equal monthly payments due by the 1st of each month or by the week due by Monday of each week.
  2. Weekly payments made after Monday will be assessed a late fee. Monthly payments made after the 5th will be assessed a late charge.

Comply with Programs and Regulations in Parent information

  1. Deliver and pick up a child within times specified
  2. Always leave the child with an adult
  3. Keep child home when displaying signs of illness
  4. Arrange to get the child promptly if he or she becomes ill during school
  5. Notify the school if the child has a communicable disease
  6. Notify the school promptly of any planned changes in attendance
  7. Attend conferences as scheduled to discuss child's progress


Parent Participation

Mother Goose Christian School is committed to working with families. We strongly encourage them to participate in every aspect of their child's program. Parents are welcome to visit the school any time. Our main focus is your child. If you have any concerns or questions, please immediately contact the Director.

It is vitally important that you as parents/guardians communicate your needs and desires regarding your child's development openly and honestly with your child's teachers. You are encouraged to discuss any developmental milestones you have encountered and share any other information that may be appropriate.

Parents are welcome at school anytime. Parents are encouraged to share personal interests including hobbies, talents, cultural backgrounds, favorite recipes, etc. Parent involvement is valued and therefore encouraged. Parents should feel free to come and eat lunch or spend other time with their child.

  • Parent Conferences - parents are asked to come twice per year for a conference with their child's teacher. Information concerning this will be on the parents' bulletin board and in the newsletter when it gets near the time.
  • Home/School - Parents need to communicate pertinent information with the school. This should include such things as illnesses, change in sleeping, change in eating, teething, and so forth.
  • Donations - As your child develops mentally and physically, please consider whether books, toys, or outgrown clothes may be appropriate for use in our school.
  • Parent Concerns - If you have any problems or concerns about our operation or your child's progress, please contact the Director immediately. Your concern is our concern.

Field Trips

An important part of Mother Goose's curriculum is exposing the children to many and varied experiences in the community; therefore a number of field trips are built into the school year.

Parents will be informed of field trips in advance through newsletters and a permission form sent home for each trip. Parents are frequently asked to drive for field trips. The requirements for drivers are that they carry only the number of children they can buckle into individual seat belts, and that their insurance coverage be current. Children three years and under must be transported in car seats. Therefore, parents of each child in this group will be required to accompany us on each field trip.

Rest Time

Quiet time is important for a child's health and well being. Such time also allows a child to "reenergize" and develop self-control. To that end, we employ the following schedule.

Toddlers will nap and/or rest from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. each day. We encourage you to supply the child with a blanky for this time. It has a wonderful comforting effect. They will rest on cots. Preschoolers will observe quiet time from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. each day. We encourage parents to provide the child with a favorite book for use (if necessary) during this time. They will rest on cots.

Show and Tell

Show and tell is a wonderful learning experience for all involved. We enjoy it so! Show and tell is scheduled on Fridays. Please ensure your child's name is on any item used for show and tell. Please avoid bringing any time of weapons (guns, knives, or swords, etc�).

This is a great opportunity for your child to get up in front of a group and talk with confidence about something he/she is comfortable with.

Toilet Training

We hope that children, from toddlers (Busy Bees) on up, will be potty trained. If they are not, it is not a problem. We are happy to work with them to achieve this important milestone. We focus on positive reinforcement. (e.g.; praise and gold stars)

We feel there is a window of opportunity that comes at approximately 2 � years of age. We try to maximize this opportunity. We will do our best to support your at-home initiatives.


From time to time, we will conduct fund-raisers. We encourage your participation but we recognize your other obligations. All monies raised will be utilized to improve the operation of the school.


A cubby is provided for each child at our school. Please hang coats, hats, etc., there in the morning. Please also leave their "nap friend" or "blanky" or show and tell items there. Again, please label all of your child's belongings.

Parents are strongly discouraged from bringing in expensive or treasured toys from home. To avoid hurt feelings, breakage, or loss of children's treasures, we need your cooperation. The older children may also bring in a "special" toy from home on Show and Tell Day. These objects will be stored in the child's cubby until it is time to use them. At no time are children permitted to bring in toys associated with violence including toy guns, knives, swords, etc.

Communication With Parents

This booklet has been supplied in an effort to answer many of your questions. Please contact anyone on the staff or Board if you have more questions.

Parents are informed of the activities of the school through biweekly newsletters. The newsletter includes weekly unit topics, class activities, field trips, and suggestions for parents.

Two parent conferences are offered during the year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Either the parent or the teacher may request an additional conference any time there is a special concern.

Because of state regulations concerning class size and teacher-student ratio, it is not possible for children to bring friends to visit.

Parents are encouraged to visit the school at any time. Because of occasional field trips and special activities, advanced notice is suggested. If the teachers are not free to talk with you, please understand that the children come first during class time; the teachers will be happy to talk with you after the children are dismissed. Please remember that this is your school and your child's education. So come and find out what is happening!

Parent Recognition Program

The purpose of our recognition program is to recognize parents who have been active in planning, implementing, and evaluating our total program. In our comprehensive child care programs, our parents serve on the board of directors and participate in program planning and classroom activities. We hold an Awards Ceremony for our parents at the end of every year. We select the Parent of the Year and the Grand Parent of the year.


Our parking area can be a busy place at certain times of the day. Please help us in providing a safe environment. We offer the following tips and ask for your cooperation.

Please hold your child's hand in the parking lot. Please make sure your child doesn't run ahead of or behind upon arrival and pick up. Upon arrival please turn off your car. We always enjoy talking with you. Feel free to call ahead if you want us to have your child ready for pick up at a certain time. Please drive slowly in our parking lot.