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About Mother Goose Christian School

Arrival and Departure

No child is to be brought to the school before the school opens nor picked up after the school closes. If a child is left beyond the limits with no arrangements made, a fee will be assessed when the child is picked up.

For safety’s sake, children must always be left in the care of an adult, with the children being brought directly to the classroom. Children must never be left in a classroom without a teacher being present.

When arriving at the school… Parents should park their vehicles and turn off engines. Bring the children to the classrooms and leave the children with the teacher. Sign the children in using their full names before leaving. Special instructions for the teachers should be in writing. Parents should hold their children’s hands when entering the building. Only persons listed on the authorization form may drop off the children (State Dept. of Health requirement). When returning to the school… Parents should park their vehicles, turn off engines, and come to the classrooms to pick up their children. Before leaving the classrooms, the parents should sign the children out using their full names. The only other person/persons that will be allowed to pick up the children are the ones listed on the applications of the children. Picture identification should be shown by any person/persons other than the parents, when picking up children from the school. Parents should hold their children’s hands at all times when exiting the building.

Our motto at drop off is “the shorter the goodbye the shorter the cry.” We know from experience that after your child has been here a few times, the “fuss” will be less, if at all. Children have a unique capacity to make new friends quickly. If you wish to stay and observe through a window, please do so.

Special Notation: The only individuals who will be allowed to drop off/pick up your child are the ones you have listed on the registration form. We cannot accept telephone calls to give other individuals permission to pick up your child. This is a State Department of Health Rule. Please keep us updated on all changes with your address, phone number, etc.