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Mother Goose Christian School Staff

Staff Training

Our staff training program begins with the orientation of new staff members and includes all aspects of in-services training. Planning of our staff training program depends on the composition of the school. Just as the classroom teacher individualizes approaches to children, the director recognizes the developmental level of each teacher, and plans training accordingly. Each staff member must earn a minimum of 20 hours of training in child development each year. Our staff training is adjusted to the experience level and career stage as well as to the specific concerns, capabilities, and perspectives of each person, and focuses long-term growth and change in individuals’ thinking skills.

Ridgewood Administrators

Rhonda Mason, C.D.
Yolanda Moss, C.D.

Watkins Administrators

Dr. Earnestine Mason, Ph.D.
Shondra Patton, B.A., M.S.